Booth (Mobile App Prototype + Motion Infographic)

The Booth (stylized as booth) mobile app prototype was designed and branded by me based on a pitch given to me by an instructor for my user experience design class. The purpose of the app is to connect small parties of diners at busy restaurants to form larger parties to be seated at larger available tables.

I designed the app for Android as an exercise in Google’s Material Design language, following the specifications on the official website and leveraging the official Figma design kit. I created the logo – evoking a titular restaurant booth – in the same color as the app UI, taken from Material’s sample color palate. The Material theme can be viewed here, and the component stickersheet viewed here.

One of my most exhaustive (and enjoyable) projects, I wrote an expansive brief on the app screens and functionality, which evolved as I developed the user flow through prototyping. Before I got to prototyping, I started with paper sketches of the app UI before moving onto grayscale wireframes that were almost identically translated to color mockups before being rigged into a demonstratory prototype.

I also created a short motion infographic in Adobe After Effects to introduce viewers to the Booth app. It was developed as part of a course on video compression techniques and motion graphics to demonstrate advanced animation knowledge and proficiency in using After Effects for motion graphics.