How to Make an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are becoming an integral part of website branding. But what makes a good landing page? In this article, I’ll go over the Zingle landing page with a step-by-step explanation of its five must-have core elements. When you’re done, you’ll know what makes an effective landing page.

Unique Selling Point

The main headline of the landing page, “Deliver Extraordinary Customer Service with Business Text Messaging,” is immediately effective. It draws attention and I know immediately what it is that Zingle offers.

“Enable customers to text your business via a dedicated phone number or using your existing landline.” This is the supporting headline of the landing page. It effectively expands upon the main headline with a more detailed explanation of the service.

About halfway down, the page uses a reinforcement statement to remind you that with Zingle, you can “Text with Customers Anytime, Anywhere.” The statement even uses similar wording to the main and supporting headlines.

Before the final call to action is a closing argument that effectively states, “Additional Business Messaging Features to Improve Your Customer Experience.” This gives us more reasons to consider the service before clicking the CTA.

Hero Image

It’s not easy to show what a business texting service looks like. But Zingle does it with their hero image. The image conveys that it has something to do with texting and computers.

Benefit Statements

The landing page begins with an overview of features, then dives into the specific benefits to customers. Just skim the page and you’ll note the benefits:

  • Team Inbox keeps your team on the same page to get in touch with customers.
  • Templates and automation reduce your workload and increase your efficiency.
  • Make better decisions for your company’s growth based on built-in analytics.
  • Keep your customers engaged and coming back with cross-platform compatibility.
  • Get the job done anywhere you go, with the mobile app.

Social Proof

Zingle provides social proof in the form of testimonials from big and small companies. Managers, COOs and front desk for major companies provide us with the social proof to know that Zingle is the real deal.

Call to Action

The Call to Action (CTA) conversion goal is to request a free trial. This call is made at the top, middle and bottom of the page, to encourage you to sign up at every step of your exploration. The CTA is designed to be eye-catching and contrast visually with other elements on the page.

Where to Go Now

If you enjoyed this article, check out the Unbounce landing page course. This landing page review was based on the information in that course. As an added bonus, I’m also including a wireframe of the landing page to mark the elements I talked about above. When you’re done examining it, do the same on a landing page of your choosing and post the result (plus the website URL) below!

A long dang landing page markup.

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