Keeping Up With Digital Media Trends

Wondering how to keep up with the rapid advancement of technology? Here's resources on web, A/V, graphic design and mobile trends.

Technology moves fast these days. Want to keep up? Keep reading.

The Fast Pace of Digital Trends

The only constant is change, and that goes double with digital media like web, video and mobile apps. Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and with that comes constant shifts in standards, patterns and applications used to create, store and display content.

To keep up with the latest video compression, web design trends or mobile phone specs is not an easy task. To help me out, I have a list of resources I browse regularly. These are websites, companies, bloggers and more that keep me up-to-date on present and future trends.

To help you out, I’m sharing those resources. Feel free to share your own in the comments.

Web Design Trends

An Apple iMac showing Brackets and a web browser side-by-side.

Smashing Magazine. Smashing Magazine is a website by and for web designers. It has lots of resources, such as articles, job listings and books, to keep web designers and web developers up-to-date on what’s currently happening – and what currently works – in the web industry.

Awwwards. Awwwards is like Pinterest for web design. The site gives awards to innovative, beautiful designs, with a jobs directory similar to Smashing Magazine. Awwwards is less curated than Smashing Magazine, which gives a rawer glimpse at what designers are currently working on.

Graphic Design Trends

Graphic designer workstation with laptop, phone, notebook and pencils, and reference books.

CreativeBloq. CreativeBloq is a well-known site that caters to graphic designers. It specializes in keeping up with the latest tools of the trade, such as computers, software and peripherals. It also has critiques on the most interesting works in recent graphic design.

Digital Synopsis. Digital Synopsis is a blog that covers advertising and graphic design. It covers trends, popular aesthetics and top tips to keep in mind for your latest design. Whether you need news, inspiration or predictions, Digital Synopsis has it all.

Audio/Video Trends

A pair of high-quality headphones sits in front of an A/V workstation.

AV Magazine. AV Magazine is a news outlet that reports on industry news and trends. Content ranges from coverage of major conferences and expos to case studios on innovative uses of the technology.

Sound & Vision. Sound & Vision is a magazine that focuses on the latest audio/video equipment. Unlike AV Magazine, which reports on industry news, Sound & Vision reports on the tools of the trade, offering reviews and insights on the best (and not-so-best) gear.

Mobile App Trends

A man holds a phone with an app displayed.

Mobile App Daily. Mobile App Daily is a site that delivers tips for designing effective modern mobile apps. It has articles ranging from solving specific design or development concerns on mobile, to lists of the latest trends on mobile app design. Rest assured, you’ll be up-to-date on mobile apps.

Clear Bridge Mobile. Clear Bridge Mobile is one of North America’s top mobile app development firms. As such, its blog is an invaluable resources when looking at what big companies find important in mobile app design. From Agile development tips to mobile app templates, this blog has it all.

More Resources

For more resources on where to keep up with emerging trends in digital media, keep reading my blog. It’s full of useful resources, tips and trends covering a wide range of topics. And don’t forget to bookmark the above websites and view them frequently.

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