NSF Grant (Video Series)

I have produced two videos at the request of Pamela Silvers,  A-B Tech Instructor and Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation grant entitled Skilled Workers Get Jobs 2.1: High School Engagement.

I produced a video for the 2019 STEM For All Video Showcase. The video highlighted methods A-B Tech used to attract high-school students to STEM programs. In addition to being featured in the 2019 STEM For All Video Showcase (a national venue of STEM videos) it has been shown at other functions which want to highlight student engagement.

For this project, I handled partial videography, with some footage provided by other students involved in the grant. I did all editing and sourcing of other assets. I worked closely with Ms. Silvers, communicating frequently to discuss ideas she had and to show her my latest cut. The video had to be created according to precise guidelines provided by the showcase coordinators that includes length of video and formatting

The second video is used for presentations to parents and other interested constituents at open houses and community events. The purpose of the video was to share one parent’s perspective of why a community college education was the best option for his child.