WNCCHS (Website Mockup)

I did a redesign of the nonprofit organization Western North Carolina Community Health Services for a course on user experience and user interface design. The website was chosen because its then-current website had many opportunities to improve usability, as I determined through both my own analysis and through user testing.

The goal was to make visitors feel secure enough in the competency and professionalism of WNCCHS to enroll at the clinic. This was done by creating an aesthetic design that evoke trust, safety and calmness in users. The website was also reorganized to make it easier to find important information on the services offered by the clinic.

The project began by analyzing and user testing the then-current website to determine where it could be improved. I compared the website to websites for similar organizations and performed additional research (such as good typography for the 65+ demographic) for the design brief. Paper sketches were drawn, adapted to wireframes and eventually mockups and a prototype.

Click image to view prototype.